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What else is possible?

What else is possible?

Rise above your obstacles

Rendez-vous with the stars

Rendez-vous with the stars

Rise above your obstacles

    • Are you a spiritual seeker and committed to personal growth? 
    • Would you like to feel on-purpose and brim with joy? 
    • Are you a modern day lightworker on the way to enlightenment?

And you would like help in clearing what’s been holding you back? Clearing challenges can be smooth and easy, and here at Life Mastery Journeys, you will get to experience the beautiful elegance and miraculous efficacy of clearing blockages at their root cause. Personal growth made swift and pleasant! And yes, uplifting yourself can be joy-filled! 

Discover the safe, transformative tools and psychic guidance that Life Mastery Journeys offers you for your Ascension Journey:


  • ThetaHealing Sessions and Seminars: Thanks to the transformative power of ThetaHealing, releasing limiting beliefs, healing emotional wounds, and unlocking your true potential is fast, effective and highly insightful.
  • Intuitive Success Coaching: Tap into your inner wisdom and align your beliefs and subconscious programming with your deepest desires for success, abundance, and personal growth.
  • Sophia Circle Journey: Immerse yourself in sacred space gatherings inspired by the “Sophia Code” and connect with like-minded souls on a path of spiritual awakening, empowerment, and divine feminine wisdom.

At Life Mastery Journeys, we believe in the limitless potential within each individual. Will you let us help you unlock it together with you? We are here to support you on your deeply transformative journey.

Isn’t it time to live a life beyond your boldest dreams?


sophia circle journey banner with lorea elia from life mastery journeys

What would your life be like if you lived in alignment with your Higher Self, your Soul’s unlimited creativity and power, and if you were able to create your own Heaven on Earth?

Are you ready to align yourself with divine truth, with your divine birthrights of sovereignty, peace, safety, love, connection, enlightenment, and absolute well-being?

If so, check out our Sophia Circle Journeys in Australia and internationally, held online as well as in person, in English, French / English, German/English, Italian/English.

Life Mastery Journeys Key Players

Lorea T. Elia

Sophia Circle Journeys Facilitator
Intuitive Success Coach
& Healing Facilitator
ThetaHealing Instructor C.o.S

Iris Alheidt-Pehrisch

Family Constellation Facilitator
Psychic Life Coach
ThetaHealing Instructor
Timewaver Consultations

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