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What else is possible?

What else is possible?

What is so special about the Life Mastery Journeys Healing System?

We combine the ThetaHealing Technique, where we access Creator / Source / God, with guided healing journeys, supported by specific Ascended Masters. We may also touch upon techniques from over 20 other healing modalities that we have studied. ​

Generally, change requires a lot of effort on your side. You have to attend sessions with all sorts of professionals, often for many years, you have to do affirmations for months, you have to do hours of reading and learning, attend courses, have a mentor, do homework, meditate for years...

With our method however, generally no work on your side is needed to change your beliefs and let go of what has troubled you for ages. All that's required is your presence, your open mind, genuine desire for change and participation.

When you have your new set of beliefs installed, and the old ones "deleted", healing can take place, success can be achieved. And being happy just got so much easier! Now all you have to do is watch how things are getting better in your life. And should one of those old thoughts creep up, just stop yourself from going down the old track again. Of course reading books and having a mentor for your personal and business growth is still a brilliant idea.

Elements of a Healing Session

During your sessions we do most of the following as a standard, when appropriate, or as ordered by you:

  • Send unconditional love / healing
    This will make you feel lighter and relieved, more confident, more alive. Many of our clients say they also feel hope again and confidence, that they have energy again to face the next day, the next week and months ahead. Would you like to find yourself smiling for no obvious reason?

  • Check for a broken heart, a broken soul.
    If necessary, we will see to it being mended, because otherwise healing or making any other progress is unlikely.

  • Check for soul fragments that are scattered or attached to other people or places.
    Soul Fragments need to be called back to the original owner. If you have any energy that doesn’t belong to you, that must be returned including any “spirits”.

  • Check if you have receptors for certain feelings, chemicals etc
    Did you know that people who are dealing with disease or disorders often times lack receptors for absorbing certain nutrients for example?

  • Teach you missing relevant feelings
    For example unconditional love, most people have a very distorted image of what love is and feels like

  • Teach discernment and have a higher perspective on circumstances
    This will allow you to accept a healing, to forgive, to let go and be able to retain benefits of the situation which still serve you.

  • Install new possibilities
    Imagine what your life could be like if you had new options installed for you, that previously weren’t accessible to you?

  • Cancelling contracts from the past, present, future
    Imagine you once said to another person: “make sure I’ll never do that again” and they accept to help you out. At that time that may have seemed a good idea, but what if now you would need exactly that freedom or ability again in your life? Such contracts don’t necessarily stop when we die. They can carry over from life time to life time and our dear friend will keep keeping us from doing what we had said we wouldn’t want to do anymore. Painful for you, painful for the other.

  • Void vows and oaths
    If you are working hard on getting rich, have done a lot of affirmations etc but it still is just not happening or lasting, maybe it’s because of a poverty vow from a previous lifetime that is still active. We can clear that too.

  • Clear Karma (where appropriate)
    Old karma can be a real burden. If you have spotted this line, you may be ready to have your old karma that is hindering you cleared, so that you can journey lightly in your life. Contact us if you would like this service performed for you.

  • Adjust Akashic Records

  • Change DNA
    A number of circumstances and influences can change DNA. If it can be changed one way, it can be reversed or improved in a different way.

  • Resolve hidden benefits of a situation
    Hidden benefits are often the cause for things not changing, even if we put a lot of effort into achieving a certain goal. If the benefit of the old situation is greater than the perceived benefit of the new, guess what…a benefit in the past could also have meant keeping you safe from something. This may no longer be appropriate but the program is still running. Benefits, lessons to be learned must be honoured, solved, taken care of, completed. We can help you achieve that too.

  • Teach virtues
    Sometimes it appears we can only do something after a certain virtue has been learned and mastered.That traditionally can take many life times. We may only point out to you what they are or have you reflect on a virtue and what it has to do with your life. We can also speed up this process for you in most cases. Contact us for such a custom service.

  • Remove foreign items from your energy fields or body
    Such items can cause physical discomfort and serious illness at times. At best, they just cause an itch or a bit of a sore. At worst they can lead to death.

  • Balance your chakras and repair energy fields
    This will leave your energy fields in beautiful, harmonious condition

  • Clear curses
    not everyone has your best interests at heart and might intentionally have curses place over you or sometimes people say thing in the midst of an argument and don’t realize what this can mean for the other. And we often curse ourselves.

  • Remedy psychic attack
    Psychic attack can have drastic consequences, people can feel being stabbed, strangled, punched or feel like they are having a heart attack. Minor forms of psychic attack will still deplete you or compromise your energy fields. Examples would be someone walking past thinking you look like a fat duck.

  • Assist your ancestors and future generations
    Do you like the idea, that your work is going to benefit your forefathers and children in your family line? So do we. We set them free or have them learn and understand things better as long as they are willing to accept help.

When we have dealt with the root cause of your issue, you will be free to heal. Changes in belief systems are immediately measurable in various ways such as Kinesiology, dowsing, checking with yourself how you feel about things. Change is instantaneous. Some people heal physically on the spot! Some people take a little bit longer, till all the good changes have filtered through and done their work in the background. You will be free to create a life that you fully enjoy. Free to reach for the stars and shine.

What happens when you order our services?

  • For Intuitive Healing Sessions, we connect via Zoom, you will need to book a session

  • Timewaver Assistance is done remotely after you have supplied a photo of yourself or your business and given instructions.

  • For package offers, and Intuitive ThetaHealing and guided journeys sessions, we will generally remotely access your being, your mind.

We will go to the root cause of your issues (as far as you are able to go on that particular day) and aim at cancelling, deleting, upgrading any thoughts and beliefs that you may carry which aren’t for your highest good. Often, beliefs are at cross with your goals.

In contrast to most therapies, our technique addresses all levels and dimensions. For healing, Shamans work on one plane, Nutritionists on another, Angel practitioners yet on another one, Crystal Therapist work on yet another plane. Surgeons on yet another. All these approaches are very valuable. And because they are generally only addressing one plane, often times our problems come back from where they weren’t resolved yet (on another plane).

The Life Mastery Journeys Healing Sessions, however, address all planes in one go. That saves you hours and hours and thousands of dollars in therapies.

Do you like to save money?

We address the underlying reasons to your challenges to get them solved on all levels and dimensions! Otherwise it would be like leaving a few pot holes in a newly resurfaced road. And we don’t like those.


Please note that because you have free will, your higher self may not immediately accept our suggestions. It can also occur, that a person takes on a healing but will drop it short after in which case in person sessions (Zoom) may be necessary. And you also have the power to recreate your issue or blockage if you carelessly keep insisting on doing your old habits. If you keep your handbrake on while driving, even though we have unblocked it, that is your responsibility.

Our services do not consist of medical advice. The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Lorea Elia, Life Mastery Journeys and its community. Life Mastery Journeys encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your health care professional. We do not dispense medical advice nor prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems. We assume no responsibility for your choices and actions.

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