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What else is possible?

What else is possible?

5500 Affirmations – remote transmission


Get 5500 professionally designed affirmations form 140 areas of life installed for you in one go! Imagine how much easier life will be and how much time you are saving yourself. Each of the 140 areas of life contain 40 affirmations. (Work done using the Theta Healing Technique) List of some of the life topics covered: abundance, addictions, alignment, allergies, ancient knowledge and wisdom, anger, balance, beauty, birth and death, boundaries and personal space, brain integration cardiovascular system, career, change, clarity, comfort zone, commitment, communication, competition control, coordination, creativity, curses decision making, destiny, determination, diet and nutrition, digestive system, dreams and goals ego, embarrassment, endocrine system, energy fields, enlightenment family, fear, flexibility,forgiveness, freedom, friendship, frustration gratitude, grief, giving and receiving, guilt, etc.

Please note that all changes are monitored by your higher self, which will ultimately decide over what will be allowed to happen for you and what not. This is a protection mechanism that I will not override. I work with source energy to effect any of those changes mentioned above. As with any healing, your readiness and true willingness to allow change and let go of the old are crucial in any journey of improvement of mental, physical wellbeing and everyday experience of success, peace, harmony etc.

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