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What else is possible?

What else is possible?

7th of February 2023 | 8 pm AEDT

Online Gatherings on Zoom

Sophia Circle Journey: 13 Weeks Towards Higher Self Integration

Do you want to dial into your full potential? Treat yourself to 13 weekly Soul Power Sessions on this Sophia Circle Journey through The Sophia Code to catapult you to the next levels of awareness, psychic gifts, clarity, joy, alignment with your Soul’s desires and power to fulfill your life mission

Start Date:
7th of February, 2023, 8pm Sydney, Australia time (AEDT),
13 weekly online Meetings on Zoom

Sophia Circle Journey: Reclaim your full potential, dial into your Soul Power, integrate your Higher Self

What if you could experience Heaven on Earth?

Let’s embark on the life-transforming journey through The Sophia Code.
The Sophia Circle Journeys give you the opportunity to:

 Who can participate? Anyone who… 

Do you have a significant other or key friends who would like to grow with you and be on the same page as you? You may wish to encourage them to participate as well for the benefit of all. You can receive referral bonus for every participant who has paid in full upfront.   Are you keen to enjoy your higher self more, to allow yourself to be closer to enlightenment with each week going by? Let’s talk! For further questions, you can book an exploratory call and see if this is the right fit for you at this stage. Thank you. Blessings, and till soon! I look forward to meeting you and facilitating Sacred Space for your joyful Ascension Journey with the Sophia Circles.  

Application Form Sophia Circle Journey: Start Date 7th of February 2023


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