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What else is possible?

What else is possible?

Sophia Circle Journey Attendance Rules

Guidelines for initiates to the Sophia Circle Journey spiritual and personal development classes:

1. The circle space will be opened 10 minutes prior to the start of class. Would you please arrive or log in 10 minutes early to make sure all technical aspects are resolved well in time before the start of class? It is essential you do this. After you have logged in, please quietly sit and relax and leave the day’s concerns behind before the Circle begins.

2. Have your copy of the Sophia Code, a journal and pen, and drinking water ready.

3. I recommend you have a dedicated water bottle for our Sophia Circle Journey to hold the blessed water. Have this separate water bottle ready as well. Suitable bottles are made of glass, ceramics or stainless steel etc, no plastics, no aluminum.

4. Latecomers will not be admitted as to not disturb the sacred space created for everyone who honoured their commitment to being there on time. If you miss a class, you will not be readmitted to the next meeting.

5. During the 5 minutes leading up to the start of the Circle, you are asked to sit ready (with your video on for online circles) in your spot where you will be for the duration of the ceremony. Till the start of the Circle, please either meditate, do breathing exercises, or read the Sophia Code. This is not the time to do anything else but focus on being prepared and ready for the Sophia Circle. It is your responsibility to clear yourself of the day’s concerns to the best of your ability before the start of our ceremonial space.

6. Turn off any other devices that are not needed for you to attend an online Sophia Circle, put them on do not disturb, do not look at any incoming messages, solely focus on our Sacred Space. Make sure you remain undisturbed for the duration of the meeting. If necessary, have a babysitter or pet sitter, hang up a sign on your door, take the phone off the hook. This is your way of paying respect to yourself, the members of the group, and the Ascended Masters and Sophia Creator orchestrating this healing journey for everyone involved.

7. Drink water before the session.

8. Go to the toilet before the session.

9. Have tissues at hand and a bin /bag to dispose used tissues in.

10. Eat something light before the session if you otherwise could get too hungry. Do not eat during our gatherings.

11. Please commit to not smoking for 2 hours prior to any Sophia circle nor during or after the sacred gathering on or near the premises. Ideally, refrain from smoking even at your own home for another 2 hours as to not veil any progress that was achieved.

12. You commit to not taking any drugs on the day of our Sophia circle.

13. You commit to not drinking any alcohol on the day of our Sophia circle.

14. Consider giving up any addictions and substance abuse you have before the commencement of our Sophia Circle Journey and seek appropriate medical support. Addictions are not in alignment with your journey of empowerment in the Divine Feminine Christ energy. You may want to lovingly support your body temple and inner being by releasing addictions.

15. Treat the space where we hold our meetings (or where you attend online sessions) as sacred temple space, as you would respectfully, appropriately dressed enter a church, mosque, synagogue etc, and leave your day’s concern’s outside the door.

16. If you are attending an in-person Sophia Circle Journey, please leave your shoes outside our sacred space. If required, wear additional warm socks or slippers.

17. When attending an in-person Sophia Circle, store your belongings under your chair so that nobody will trip over any items.

18. For online circles, you must sit still during the entire ceremony and not get up and walk around (except for emergencies).

19. For online circles, you must have your camera on and sit in front of it for the entire duration of the ceremony with your face well lit and clearly visible. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection and enough data for video streaming. Each hour of Zoom meetings can use up to 2 GB of Data. You may require up to 3 GB or more data per meeting, so please ensure you have a suitable data plan.

20. For online circles, please test the quality of sound with a friend before the start of our journey to make sure we will be able to enjoy your voice and valuable contributions. If necessary, please use a headset.

21. For online circles, if possible, always sit in the same place for your Sophia Circle attendance to anchor the energy and focus in the same area and support your subconscious understanding of the importance and sacredness of this time and space for yourself, your dedication to yourself and the process of ascension.

22. Strictly no recordings and screenshots of the Sophia circle or any parts of it. The use of any type of electronic device, including computers, mobile phones, recording devices, even for a brief moment, for the purpose of recording or taking photos, or making copies of text is prohibited. You must abide by these rules as all material is copyrighted. You would not only be breaking the law but also dishonouring the material, the author, the facilitator, and other course participants and their privacy, but also your commitment to yourself to become the best version of yourself that you can be.

23. You must have completed your homework one day before arriving at the next Circle so that you have had time to integrate at least some basics about what you have read and had the required activations take place.

24. To ensure you have enough time for your homework, set aside at least 2 to 3 hours per week and book that time firmly in your calendar now to make it easy for you to follow through on your commitment to yourself. You may not always need that much time. The first number of weeks will require less time than the second part where there are self-initiations. Do not allow yourself to fall behind on the reading portion and self-activations.

25. Do not interrupt others while they are speaking. If you are oversharing beyond the allocated time, you will be reminded and it will immediately be the next person’s turn to speak. This Circle is not for your counselling or emotional dumping or seeking the group’s approval or admiration, and we need to honour everyone present and not abuse their time by making ourselves the centre of attention.

26. Inappropriate language (swearing, profanity, cursing, etc.), fits, rage, seizures, screaming, threats will not be tolerated. If you have strong emotional release, you are asked to stay in the group space and breathe out whatever you need to release and behave in a responsible, self-resourced manner. You are expected to show emotional and behavioural maturity and call upon the Creator / God / the Sophia Dragon Tribe to help you release with ease. Our Sophia circles need to be a safe space for everyone. We ask for all participants to honour the sacred space of enlightenment training.

27. For in-person classes: no touching of one another before, during, and after class. It is important we honour each other’s bodies as temples and what the others are going through. We are not to interrupt others in their processes before, during, and after our Sophia circles. No touching of any altar items.

28. Take all your items with you upon leaving the Sophia Circle.

29. Anything shared during Sophia Circles must be treated confidentially and is not to be mentioned outside our temple space to respect one another’s privacy.

30. Leave the Sophia Circle silently to respect other participants in their process. If any events are scheduled after the Sophia Circle, remain silent for at least 30 minutes, minding your own space and integration of the Sophia Circle downloads and activations that took place and continue to affect you.

31. Use the official Sophia online group space ( and private conversations outside to share your breakthroughs and to connect with one another.

32. Prepare to briefly share a breakthrough / realisation / miracle you had at the beginning of the next Circle.

33. Make sure that you have at least 30 minutes to 1 hour of private peace and silence after each Sophia circle to best support yourself in the integration of the healing expansion that has taken place and is still ongoing. You may want to go for a silent walk, take a shower, swim, sleep, draw or paint or journal a bit more or choose something else that gives you the peace you need for yourself. Do not schedule any appointments straight afterward. Block a time window of 130 minutes to have time prior to and after the ceremonial space to honour yourself, the gift received and your enlightenment journey properly.

34. In case of genuine emergencies arising that prevent you from attending, please notify the group facilitator for private consideration of your circumstances. Not having a babysitter or being allocated a late shift does not consist of a genuine emergency as such situations can be avoided with proper planning. You are also responsible for making sure you properly program your calendar to make sure the time of the appointments is correctly adjusted according to any daylight savings changes affecting the time of your circle.

35. If you need help with clearing what is coming up for you, please book a healing session with your Sophia Circle Leader. We wish for you to master your journey and for you to be able to follow through on your commitment to your personal growth and freedom.

36. If you break these guidelines, you may be excluded from attending the remaining circles of the current journey and may be asked to leave. No refund for fees paid will be given for the consequences of your own choices. We are gathering as responsible adults who do not blame others for our outcomes and experiences, as that is not in alignment with our ascension journey.

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