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What else is possible?

What else is possible?

Intuitive Success Coaching / ThetaHealing Session – Zoom


Your personalised belief work session to create inner and outer harmony, joy, peace, alignment with your goals. During a personal session, we dig down to find the root cause of what is not working for you. We get the root cause dealt with and new beliefs, feelings and perspectives installed for your highest and best good and make sure you get the learnings from those situations as well. (Work done using the Theta Healing Technique). Session duration any time between 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on how quickly the issue can be resolved.

Please note that all changes are monitored by your higher self, which will ultimately decide over what will be allowed to happen for you and what not. This is a protection mechanism that I will not override. I work with source energy to effect any of those changes mentioned above. As with any healing, your readiness and true willingness to allow change and let go of the old are crucial in any journey of improvement of mental, physical wellbeing and everyday experience of success, peace, harmony etc.

Maximum session duration 60 minutes

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