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What else is possible?

What else is possible?

Sophia Circle Journeys & The Sophia Code Videos

Healing Blessings and Spiritual Break throughs

Lorea shares thoughts and experiences regarding the Sophia Circle Journeys that she facilitates, and the blessings she and others have received thanks to reading The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra. Captions and subtitles available in English, French, German, Italian via YouTube settings wheel.

Miracles performed by Kuan Yin, Mahavatar Babaji, the Sophia Dragon Tribe upon opening of the Sophia Circle Journey.

“I knew the book The Sophia Code before I knew it existed.” How the Sophia Code by Kaia Ra came into Lorea Elia’s life.

Why you should invest in both copies of the Sophia Code, the French and the English version

What are the benefits of participating in a Sophia Circle Journey that’s held in both French and the English during the same class?

Get ready for true intimacy thanks to participating in a Sophia Circle Journey. Say good-bye to co-dependent relationships.

Is the Sophia Code a cult? How can you tell if channeled material is worth reading?

Why you may want to consider learning the Quan Yin Water Prayer

Find out how attending a Sophia Circle Journey can help you deepen your meditation.

Little did I know this Sophia Circle Journey would turn into a matter of life or death…

How can you go from feeling unworthy to equally worthy as an Ascended Master and accept their help?

Sophia Circle Journeys

Turn your life experience from “hell” to “heaven” in an easy, pleasurable way that honours your divine feminine and divine masculine aspects thanks to Sophia Circle Journeys & Intuitive Coaching ThetaHealing sessions with Lorea T. Elia

Aren’t Sohpia Circle Journeys too repetitive? Why this Sacred Space format uses the Divine Feminine approach and helps you go from despair to embodied enlightenment in a pleasurable and enjoyable manner.

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