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What else is possible?

What else is possible?

Sophia Circle Journeys are not for everyone

Would you like some good news?

A Sophia Circle Journey is not a way for you to become a guru as you don’t have to be a guru.

At a Sophia Circle Journey you are also not going to become a follower of a saint or a devotee to some guru or “deity”.

Initiates partake in experiencing the Divine Feminine Principles within and  embodying The Sophia Code and revelations of the book and participate in Sacred Space to free themselves from old oaths and vows that would have them believe they are lesser than anyone else or that they are separate from Source Creator Sophia God.

This is not a study group for the mind to grasp concepts, but for you to live who you already are.

If you would like to be someone’s disciple,  you certainly can, just please look elsewhere. The Sophia Code is about you embracing your fullness, it is not about worshiping something outside of yourself, nor is it about creating the next egotistical maniac or sect as Kaia Ra points out.

Sophia Circle Journeys

All backgrounds are welcome, whether you have followed a religion, spiritual path or not. This is not your next religion nor do we want to take away from your current spiritual practices.

Sophia Circle Journeys are here to enrich your life, no matter where you are currently at. The Ascended Masters are here to support you as a friend. They do not want us to view them as Gods or Saints, as someone who is different from us. They are ready to walk along side us and be approachable.

Sophia Circle Journeys are not your ticket back to heaven, for you already are one with all of creation and were never separate from Sophia God. Your journey with The Sophia Code is created to help you reclaim your sovereignty, activate your divine birthrights by helping you balance the divine feminine and divine masculine energies in you and helping you see yourself as one with all that there is. We are one. We are one with Source, Sophia, Creator of all that there is. There is nothing that is outside of God. Nobody is created to be superior than another.

Initiates participating in the Sophia Circle Journeys commit to adhering to the highest ethics and personal dedication during each meeting and in preparation of each Sacred Space. This is a serious opportunity for growth and very fast advancement and clearing of internal hindrances.

May we all delight in this wonderful opportunity and respect one another’s differing backgrounds and beliefs. May we honour one another and find the light and love within each and see our divine connection as holy sovereigns made in the image of God. May we lead as the greatest representations of the divine as well as  possible at each moment. May we fully activate our Divine Genome to the highest and greatest benefit of all.

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