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What else is possible?

What else is possible?

13 Sophia Circle Journey Gatherings, 13 lists of Beliefs Remote Clearing


This package offers special support in addition to the Sophia Circle Journey Gatherings. You will be able to supply me with 1 list of up to 60 limiting beliefs per week. These beliefs must be directly related to the study of the Sophia Code. The lists will get remotely cleared to the degree that your Higher Self will give permission to. I use ThetaHealing to do the remote clearing of beliefs. You may choose to get additional help to address underlying issues/ sources in private sessions which can be booked separately.

Sophia Circle Journeys are Sacred Space Gatherings to:

embody your Higher Self,
establish a mentorship with specific Ascended Masters,
nurture your connection to the divine,
free yourself from victimhood.
embrace the divine feminine
progress on your spiritual path
create a life of bliss

Participation is upon application only. Please book your intake call before proceeding to make payment.

Price per Sophia Circle Journey is USD $429 (USD $33 per gathering)
Price for the 13 lists of beliefs remote clearing is $USD 390 (USD $30 per list of max 60 beliefs)

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