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What else is possible?

What else is possible?

Intensive Sophia Circle Journey Home Retreat Online


This is for the spiritual seeker on a fast track who wishes to complete the Sophia Circle Journey within the shortest amount of time possible to create massive forward momentum. Participating in this home retreat version in intensive format is to help you explore and embody the Sophia Code with support as quickly as possible with your facilitator as your accountability partner and person to help you create the right energetic foundation for your greatest outcome.

To further aid you to quickly integrate the blessings and clear as many blockages and hindring beliefs as possible in this retreat format, Lorea Elia, Master ThetaHealing Instructor Certificate of Science & Intuitive Healing Facilitator, can also separately offer private healing sessions (max 1 hour each). As a participant of a Sophia Circle Journey, you are offered a reduced rate for such additional healing and coaching sessions.

Please note these Sophia Circle Journey retreats are upon application only. Condition is, that you have already at least once read the Sophia Code book by Kaia Ra. To finalise your enrolment, you must participate in an intake call to evaluate suitability of the program for you and set agreed upon dates.

Minimum participants is 3. Refund of your payment is offered if we can’t find a mutually suitable time within the next 3 months or if after your intake call we are guided to not go ahead with an intensive retreat at this stage.

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