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What else is possible?

What else is possible?

TimeWaver Life Topic Energy Field Balance 3 months


Bring Harmony to your life topic, optimise your energy fields to create the outcome you desire!

For over 10 years, doctors, therapists and home users around the world have been using TimeWaver systems successfully for support in the following areas of application:

Pain reduction and pain management
Emotional wellbeing
Sleep optimisation
Beauty – physical appearance
Business (team dynamics, sales, etc)

TimeWaver Frequency Therapy

TimeWaver Information Field technology is a type of frequency therapy that allows the practitioner to analyse your energy fields. During the process, disturbances and their origins are elicited, and that is possible for any life topic you would like to experience relief and improvement in.

TimeWaver Technology includes an assessment of consciousness and other energetic information since these are regarded as foundational components of diagnosis and therapy.

With Timewaver Frequency therapy, deep-seated psychological and somatic connections are uncovered and influenced to bring to a beneficial state for you.

The system is capable of continuously assessing your information field and will send specific frequencies to deal with energetic origins of diseases, pain, emotional conditions, lack, life challenges, blockages to success and much more.

Included in the price are:

intake session via phone, zoom, skype etc
Initial field analysis with establishing of the areas to be treated with frequency therapy
3 months of frequency support with continuously adjusted treatement
2 interim list changes as your energy fields are adjusting
1 session at the end of the treatment period to help you understand the progress made according to the new print outs, showing your current situation.
discussion of how to further proceed, what other options you now have to not just clear blockages but achieve that which you really desire

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