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What else is possible?

What else is possible?

Add on (only for Sophia Circle Journey participants) Intuitive Healing Session


Are you facing a problem you just don’t understand?
No matter what you do, the problem just won’t go away or keeps coming back?
Nobody has been able to clear it for you?

Yes? Then this Thetahealing & Intuitive Success Coaching Session is where your even most persistent challenge will start to unravel if not be resolved in the one session!

No matter what your problem is, together, we can quickly and effectively find the root cause and work on eliminating that, whether it’s…:

a current life issue
genetic (or family debt)
from a different lifetime, level or dimension, galaxy, universe…

During the Zoom session, I will first listen to a brief description of what’s going on in your life and what you’d like to achieve. Then I will perform an energetic clearing of your space and yourself, your aura, your chakras, and send you unconditional love healing. Afterwards, the process of tuning up your body to get ready for optimal results will continue with balancing brain halves, an energetic scan of your body and a range of other processes depending on your needs at that time.

Once you are ready, I will then take you through a structured process asking you questions and tuning into your situation, to find what the sponsoring problem is. Along the way, i’ll be picking up on your blocks, take notes of those and then I will energetically clear all hindering beliefs and issues that came up.

Often oaths, vows, contracts, curses, debt within a family system come up as well. Those will be cleared too. I can set you free from any accessible energetic hostage/bondage. Negative feelings can get cleared and we prevent future recurrence by accelerating your growth and teaching you the required lessons without having to live them or go through years of counselling.

Throughout the entire process, we are working with source energy, the creator of all that is.

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