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What else is possible?

What else is possible?

Sophia Circle Journey with ThetaHealing Private and Group Sessions


Sophia Circle Journeys through the Sophia Code combined with ThetaHealing group and private healing clearing sessions.

Please note, participation is upon application only. Please go to the Sophia Circle Journeys tab / page first to register for your intake call. Only make payment after your spot has been confirmed, thank you.

Sophia Circle Journeys are Sacred Space Gatherings to:

embody your Higher Self,
establish a mentorship with specific Ascended Masters,
nurture your connection to the divine,
free yourself from victimhood.
embrace the divine feminine
progress on your spiritual path
create a life of bliss

In our ThetaHealing group clearing sessions, we all attend live and can present limiting beliefs that we have become aware of that we would like to have cleared. The facilitator will then proceed to clear these beliefs for everyone present who may have matching beliefs. We will also do a clearing Thetahealing session for one initiate pro call to clear underlying beliefs for everyone to witness. Everyone who will have matching beliefs, will get those beliefs cleared as well. Additionally, all attendees can learn how to dig for limiting beliefs themselves by observing the process. Participating in group clearings helps our ego relax and more readily accept the clearing of limiting beliefs. It also helps us to bust the myth, that our ego wants us to believe in, that our problem is special and different.

In private ThetaHealing sessions you are able to resolve any issue that’s arising for you with integrating your Higher Self, your Divine Genome, accepting God’s love etc. You can come prepared with your list of beliefs that you would like to have cleared or with just the one pressing issue. We may, in addition to traditional ThetaHealing techniques also employ guided clearing meditations as prompted by the Ascended Masters we meet in the Sophia Code, your or my Higher Self, or impulses straight from source.

Participation is upon application only. Please book your intake call before proceeding to make payment.

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