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What else is possible?

What else is possible?

Initiation to work with a Divine Feminine Christ Ascended Master Guide


Divine Feminine Christ Ascended Master initiation gig

Be initiated to start working with a DIVINE FEMININE ASCENDED MASTER to start healing yourself, reclaim your sovereignty and contribute to world peace and humanity’s development as a species.

Basic: choose 1 from the following Divine Christ Energy Mentors:

Mother Mary:support in your mission as a wayshower creating a new golden age clearing darkness
Mary Magdalene: awake your mission of teaching others as an angel on earth for integrating Divine Feminine Christ Energy
Quan Yin: Develop deepest, healing compassion and love for self and others
Green Tara: Release all judgment to integrate and embody divine male and female heart intelligence for sovereignty
White Buffalo Woman: Indigenous wisdom to live in right relations with self and others, purification and reverence for all beings to create peace, communicating with the Great Spirit
Isis: harmoniously live as divine love claiming your divine inheritance as a co-creator
Hathor: awareness of the unlimited, multidimensional power of your body, abundance, creativity, beauty, divine love

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